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Important Notice

Following the closure of the Border between South Australia and Western Australia,
we are no longer able to play golf on Nullarbor Links.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience
and assure you that as soon as possible, the course will reopen.

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Chasing the Sun Golf Tournament 2020 has been cancelled - click for official statement

I just recently was made aware of the plight of the roadhouse operators along the Eyre Highway due to COVID-19 and the SA/WA border closure. These wonderful people that operate the roadhouses are tough and resilient and you never hear them complain.

I realise some words have to be spoken, to let the world know that not only are the Melbourne and Sydney city businesses suffering and crying to the media. The isolated businesses along the Eyre Highway are really doing it tough.

We took some figures and compared March–August 2019 to March–August 2020. WA/SA border daily figures were in 2019 on a daily average, 158 cars carried 302 people across the border. In 2020, 21 cars carried 32 people across the same border. An amazing stat.

One of the Roadhouses early this month opened their doors from 7.00am to 7.00pm for 3 days and had a total of 50 customers. Have we heard these people complain, not at all. Have the media highlighted their plight, not interested, too far away from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Our people will survive and later on might prosper. But for now, until Mr McGowan decides that his lead in the polls is big enough, spare a thought for some very lonely people still providing a service to very few customers along the Nullarbor.

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