Nullarbor Links

World's Longest Golf Course, Australia

Photo Gallery

Toasting the Sun, Ceduna
Sun rise, Ceduna breakfast
Marco and the crowd at the Breakfast Ceduna
Allan Suter, Mayor of Ceduna
What a great family
Kevin presents packs
The American way
That is how an ex bank manager does it
Great little golfer
Marco and Muz performing at Fowlers Bay
Waiting for your shot
Motley crew at Dingo's Den Nullarbor
Some of the spectacular scenery
Great Family on Chasing the Sun 2015
Raelee hitting over the water hazard
Dave and Heather at the wine tasting
Dag's the thorn between two roses
After this drive where could I go in the world?
Come on, come on, just a bit further
Darrell Booth has a putt at Border Village
Golfers waiting their turn
Peter Jackson brilliant swing at Eucla
The Pirate tells the crew where the treasure is buried
Bill Brose from Washington tries to find the treasure
Lida Marxsen finds the Treasure
The Pirate and the winners of the Treasure Hunt
Most of our crew at Border Village
4.30am rise for the Sunrise photo
Kevin and Eddie on Sunrise
Ross showing off for the Sunrise cameras
Golfers at Mundrabilla
John Wiseman having a putt
Joyce Ziesmer at Madura
Sam Brown tees off at Madura
Ha Quan tees off, Hole in one competition at Madura
On the tee, Cocklebiddy

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